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Used, but still quite functional. T3-General Model. Maple Handles. Blue tape markings at head.



    • Typical First Choice
    • Extremely High-Quality Felt
    • Hand-Selected Maple Shafts
    • Solid, Flexible Feel
    • Gets Full Sound from Drums
    • Seamless Heads

    Mike Balter Maple Timpani Mallets are made with hand-selected shafts. They feel right at home for percussionists used to holding concert snare drum sticks, and they provide some flexibility and plenty of weight to get the drums to speak fully.

    The heads are crafted from extremely high quality felt, sewn in such a way that there is no exterior seam and therefore no bad sound quality from any position.

    The General mallets are just as their name implies: a go-to model for music that is middle of the road in terms of dynamics, articulation, and speed. If your part switches frequently between long rolls and more active rhythms, these are a good first choice.

Mike Balter Tympani Mallets - General T3

$24.95 Regular Price
$18.71Sale Price
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