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Use Short Online Videos to Find New Customers

Facebook reports (they should know what they're talking about) over 100 million hours of video are watched on their platform every day. They also say if people are on a mobile device, people prefer shorter video ads—15 seconds or less. Finally, Facebook says shorter videos have higher completion rates.

Bottom line: to successfully share your entire message, produce :15 second videos.

Build an Active and Engaged Audience

Short videos build an audience interested in what you offer. Short videos posted on your social media page or used in targeted ads associated with that page:

  • Let people know all about your business and what you offer

  • Keep people updated about new products and events

  • Effectively find new customers

Use Short Video to Connect

But just as important, the appeal of mobile video is more than convenience and flexibility. A Facebook survey comparing social media with traditional TV showed people are also drawn to mobile video it’s 2.9x more likely to help them feel connected to friends and family, and 1.9x more likely to give them something to talk about. Short online video makes them feel part of an engaged community.

Create Video for How People Watch

People watch mobile video throughout the day in a variety of locations. Video content needs to be easy to understand in a sound-off environment, but reward viewers with engaging audio when the sound is on.

Compelling :15 second videos that provide important information about your business help build and keep your audience and customers, help connect them to who you are, and provide the perfect vehicle to communicate with people where you best reach them: on their mobile device.

NEXT: Our next blog will discussion whether or not a business should try to create their own videos, and what is involved with self-production.

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