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Hire a Video Company or Self Produce?

You have a new tablet or smartphone; or perhaps a new digital camera. So you're thinking, "I can use it to create videos for my business. My computer has a video editing program. I'll put them up on YouTube and link them to my website."

But think about it: how many "home-made" YouTube videos you've seen project a truly professional impression, and put the business in its best light?

Bottom line: Having access to gourmet cookware won't make you a gourmet chef. Having an HD camera, smartphone or tablet and video editing software won't produce a quality business video without lots of practice . . . and a dash of talent.

So much goes into producing a quality video - no matter the length:

  • Quality video equipment

  • Lighting suitable for shooting video

  • Audio equipment for quality sound

  • Graphics design (including a logo if you don't have one)

  • A script that promotes your business; short, yet captures interest

  • Music that matches the look and feel of your video; and finally

  • Editing all these components together into a compelling video.

It just makes common sense for you to do what you do best: take care of your business, and leave creating compelling video to seasoned video producers.

4 Reasons Why Videos Are Great For Your Business

“Content is king.” But in 2017, video is a powerful tool that connects you to your current - and future, customers. But just as important, video provides added advantages over a website with only writen content.

Higher Google Ranking

One of Google's more important ranking criteria is “dwell time,” or how long people stay on your website. A compelling short video is the best way to both attract and keep them on your site.

Reach More Customers

Compelling video content expands your company's reach to potential customers. Using free high traffic sources like YouTube and Vimeo provide a cost-effective way expose your product or business to a large audience.

Using video on both your website and your social media platforms, you also boost your Google rank and reach locally.

Video Gives Your Brand Personality

Compelling video is a key way to add personality to your brand. Quality, compelling videos emotionally connect potential customers to your company products or services. Video lets viewers see a company they know, and trust.

Professional Competence

Compelling video on your website or social media page shows your viewers your company in a professional and competent light. The concept is simple: Viewers will equate the quality of your videos with the quality of your product or company.

The best choice may be using an experienced video production company. In the long term, it may be the most economical, time saving and effective way to create compelling company videos.

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