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Compelling Video + Cooking: Few Do It Well

Producing a short video for a website or social media is a lot like making an omelette. Video uses basic ingredients: images, audio/music and graphics/text. But in both cases, few can do it well. The key is to use quality ingredients in a proper manner.

Choosing the right music is an important step in making a successful marketing video. Today we will talk about how the right music is a key ingredient to producing a compelling video that make people want to watch.

Choose wisely!

Music with a moving image affects how people perceive it. The right choice will emotionally connect a video message to the viewer, while poorly chosen music will distract them. Still worse, a bad melding of music to video can look unprofessional; and in the case of a business video for a website or your Facebook page, it can make your business look untrustworthy.

When you consider producing a video you might have an idea of the music to use. However, choosing the right music is harder than it sounds.

Understand What You Want Your Video to Say

Knowing what you want to say with your video provides the focus on how – and what kind of music can support your marketing message. It can help define the mood or the pace of the video.

  • Is the video aggressive, positive, provocative, inspirational, captivating, or stirring?

  • Do you want the viewer to feel happy, relaxed, concerned, or sad?

Take a look at these two very different videos below with two very different soundtracks.

One is a somber tribute,

the other informs the viewer of the core services of a company.

Foreground or background: The role of the soundtrack

In the two videos above, the music has a different purpose for each. While the music drives the visuals in the first video, it provides pleasant background ambiance in the second.

Music for Video Isn’t Free: Don’t Steal It

Bottom Line: If you did not compose the music (and lyrics if any) and perform the recording of the music yourself, you MUST obtain permission or license to use the music. No exceptions.

Failing to properly license your music can result in unwanted consequences from having your video taken offline by the video host platform (like Vimeo or YouTube) to being sued by the copyright owner for copyright infringement.

It just makes good business sense to use the services of a company that handles all aspects of video production; and that includes being sure the music used in your video is properly licensed.


Creating a compelling short video for a business website or social media page is a lot like being able to make a perfect omelette. Sometimes it's just better to sit back, relax and let the professionals put one together and serve it to you at the table.

If you want to see more short examples on how music is effectively used, check out these videos: CLIK HERE!


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